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What's next for Nintendo?

01-29-2014, 02:27 PM
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What's next for Nintendo?
We all have read reports of and witnessed the Wii U's launch and acceptance struggles. Some people have been quick to write off Nintendo suggesting that Nintendo bows out of the console gaming business. Others have suggested that Nintendo expands its development to include mobile phones and tablets.

Careful attentiveness to Nintendo's history will show that The Big N is big on risk in innovating its future developments. While porting games to mobile is an option, that's not the Nintendo thing to do. And for Nintendo to stop hardware production, specifically home consoles, is completely out of the question.

What should Nintendo do in its approach to mobile and its next console?

Mobile: Nintendo has a huge intellectual property library at its disposal, none of which will make the jump to mobile as games. However, what could work for Nintendo would be a pay or free Nintendo licensed emoji pack, some home screen layer (like a Nintendo-oriented) Facebook Home), or paid companion apps for console games that will, at its core, neither enhance or augment the gaming experience.

Re-release of classic titles have shown consumer willingness to pay for things they previously experienced, but it can be considered that the consumer is paying to interact with the IP. People love emojis. If Nintendo released an emoji pack for mobile as I imagine (universally accessible across all text-input/text-display mobile applications and operating systems), the user could send images of Boos for ghosts, Starmen, Super Mushrooms, and graphics of other Nintendo properties.

A home screen layer could also include the emoji pack, but an added feature for screen dominating "stickers," an increasingly popular emoji-like image with animations. The home screen would of course be Nintendo themed, and maybe themed after IPs which matching sound packs.

Through both the home screen and emoji options, should they provide for free, Nintendo can utilize that as an opportunity for direct individual marketing, via push notifications.

The companion app could be a scaled down version of the e-Card app on the 3DS. No games, but compatibility with e-Cards could become available to smartphones. This could spur e-Card sales and will be increased revenue for Nintendo.

Console: The release of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has shown us that Nintendo no longer needs to tiptoe into new consoles with considerably experimental features. Nintendo's next console and handheld will/should operate seamlessly. There will be no differentiation between console and handheld operating systems. Chances are that motion gaming will remain on the console, but it make become a secondary play style. Graphics, memory, processing, and hard drive capacity will be top tier.

Nintendo's next next-gen attempt is a chance to regain consumer confidence and loyalty in their products. After all, this gaming industry and market is one of fickle and fragile ties.

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RE: What's next for Nintendo?
I think they should go to bingoviews out some fresh new games instead of just relying on their old stable of games.

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