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Update, Scripting

03-04-2016, 07:06 PM
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Update, Scripting
First post in a long time! I've been busy with things but I'd like to give an update for the spiders and internet vagabonds that care.
I recently started writing some router scripts for fun, and the more I wrote them I saw potential for something better and more interesting. The scripts I've written so far include:
-A script to reboot my router at a specific time under the condition that neither my Chromecast or Wii U is connected
-A script to randomize my router’s MAC address and retrieve a new external IP under the condition that my Wii U and Chromecast aren't connected
-A script to dump and store all the IP addresses that connect to my Wii U
-and others

It's obvious that many of these scripts revolve around my Wii U. That's because once in awhile, I'll have LONG For Glory sessions in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, where, until after writing those scripts, my connection would be interrupted because something was happening on the router to interrupt the internet connection, like WAN reboots, router reboots. But not anymore!

Writing the Wii U partner IP script (Wii U script) was especially interesting because I could dump the IPs of everyone I played with just to see from where my opponents hailed. Nothing malicious, I promise, and seeing that I've battled players whose IP addresses were confirmed to be from Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and other places, I'm proud to say that Smash Bros truly is a global experience.

Smash Bros connects consoles directly to each other with the Nintendo Network facilitating matchmaking. However, I’ve read players complaints about experiencing unbearable lag online. I too have experienced it on occasion, even though I am on an impeccable university network, and reasonably suspect the issue to be on the opponent's side. Utilizing what I've picked up recently with scripting I wondered if there is anything I could do to alleviate this problem for fellow Smashers, and other online gamers at large. And I think I may have a solution!

I remember reading about a smart router out of England that similarly addressed the issue of lag in game. The router touted to solve lag by banning connection of laggy peers. The lag was often correlated to distance between peers and potentially diminished connectivity and transfer speeds expected in rural areas. I don't want to outright say I was dismissive of the thought, but I did consider it xenophobic in a way, and thought that the solution being offered in that router was something that could be done with scripting.

Fast forward to now, I occasionally (frequently) check the Smash Bros Reddit page and many of the posts are asking for solutions to address lagging connections, with most of the expected responses covered - “get the LAN adapter,” “play wired connection,” “move your console closer to the router,” “try Anther’s Ladder.” The constant lag issue others experienced reminded me of that xenophobic router. Maybe they were on to something. Some people playing online don't necessarily NEED to play against the world. Sometimes they just want to play against someone and enjoy a lag-free connection. So I decided my solution. Drawing from that one router as inspiration and taking the little scripting I know and am still learning, I sought a solution. I have the flow of how it should go down. The next step is to bring it to fruition. I've dubbed it the Xenophobe script, a tongue-in-cheek homage to that router that achieves a similar goal in a probably no-less complicated manner. The script should aid with the lagging connections and especially make For Glory a more enjoyable experience for all users.

The Xenophobe script is one solution, but I don't want to stop there. There is great potential beyond that. I envision building router scripts to allow players to be grouped so that they are only matched to players of their skill level, or one and only allows connections between peers with low ping rates. These scripts will take work, will require your consent, and will come after Xenophobe is complete.

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03-09-2016, 12:01 PM
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RE: Update, Scripting
An epiphany drove me to write a new script. It's less cumbersome and resource intensive than the original Xenophobe script I wrote. A few tweaks remain to before this script is ready. We'll need beta testers to ensure everything is working correctly.

If you have a DD-WRT or Tomato powered and would like to test our script, please contact us here expressing your interest, especially if you experience frequent lag when playing Smash Bros online.

It's so close! A lag free For Glory experience for all (at the the very least, lag appears less frequently).

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