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Street Fighter X Tekken, Vice Versa

07-26-2010, 12:26 AM
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Street Fighter X Tekken, Vice Versa
Since Tatsunoko vs Capcom was released, it seemed like Capcom was getting back to its former groove of pumping out crossovers, especially noted by the announcement and development of Marvel vs Capcom 3. Now Capcom has teamed up with Namco to develop Street Fighter X ("cross") Tekken. Apparently, this game is to play similarly to Marvel vs Capcom, with a tag system (possibly only 2-member teams), and 2D gameplay. While Street Figher X Tekken is being developed by Capcom, Namco is developing Tekken X Street Fighter, which is expected to have more Tekken-friendly controls, and 3D gameplay more in line with the Tekken universe.

What isn't know at this time is if the developments will be released as two separate games or if they will be packages together as one game with two different play modes.

Pictures from IGN show Tekken characters rendered in the Street Fighter IV style.

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