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Perfect Router Settings for Online Gaming

07-24-2019, 10:08 PM (This post was last modified: 07-24-2019 10:13 PM by Torengo.)
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Perfect Router Settings for Online Gaming
Frustration with lag online led to the development of 42Kmi LagDrop. And through LagDrop's development, I found the settings which affect online play most, especially for P2P games. These settings are explained below.

Use a wired connection
This is not entirely important, but it is very helpful. A wired connection immediately solves potential problems that may occur with interference due to crowded wireless frequencies. If you are unable to use a wired connection, make sure few obstruction (walls, etc.) exist between your console and router. Download a Wi-Fi signal app to see which frequencies are most crowded and which are available. Set your router to use a less crowded frequency.

The following settings are explained using DD-WRT as a reference; however, most routers should have the options available somewhere in their interfaces.

Enable Multicast
Under the security settings, find a setting worded similarly to "Filter Multicast." This should be disabled. Multicast protocol is how multiplayer P2P games work. It allows a peer to simultaneously broadcast the same data to multiple users simultaneously (the crux of P2P gaming).

Enable anonymous pings.
Under the same security setting, find a setting worded similarly to "Block Anonymous WAN Requests (ping)." This should also be disabled. Pinging is the very basis of matchmaking. When disabled, if your router is pinged by another peer or the hosting server, your router will not return a ping time, and hypothetically, the sever then assigns an approximate value (possibly similar to LagDrop's ping approximation).

Set your device to DMZ
Under "NAT / QoS," find the DMZ. DMZ stands for "Demilitarized Zone." Enable it and set the IP address to the same as your desired device. Imagine arriving for a party at some room at a hotel. Imagine that, as anticipated, the doors are closed but you don't know which one has the party. So, you go and knock on each door, either being rejected or ignored until you find the party. Now imagine this happening several times a second. That's the gist of not having all port open for your console. Alternatively, imagine the same hotel scenario, but this time, all doors are open and there's a party in each room. That's setting your device to the DMZ.

Adjusting these settings are an important preliminary step to making your online gaming experience more enjoyable. With LagDrop installed, you can enhance your experience be having greater control over your online encounters. The above-mentioned settings are handled in LagDrop for DD-WRT users and many more features are included. Visit for more details.

Happy gaming!

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