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OBS and 42kmi GameGrabber HD

02-06-2015, 07:09 PM (This post was last modified: 02-06-2015 07:14 PM by Twinniss.)
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OBS and 42kmi GameGrabber HD
Originally this thread http://42kmi.com/Thread-Using-OBS-or-vdub. More appropriate here

OBS MP will work with 42kmi GameGrabber HD. This is an alternative to using xsplit or the included VivaStation. Once its out of beta it should have a rich set of features. But for now, it can at least do video and audio and stream it

As from the thread:

The OBS team has a working beta of OBS MP for windows.
GET IT HERE https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/lat...7-3.23342/

OBS MP will directly capture the video. You will still need VivaStation to change where the video goes though (HDMI, Composite/Component, etc)

The only thing (and its being worked on) is that audio is not working.

Here's the workaround (consoles only)

You'll need:
RCA to 3.5mm adapter
RCA cables if you plan on using HDMI with your console
3.5mm male to your adapter, cable
A computer/laptop with mic jack (or more preferrably line in)

If you are using HDMI with your consoles, as far as i know, all consoles will output the audio as well through the component/composite side, so just get yourself one of those cables. PS3 you will have to look for an option in the home menu.

Now I'll assume that you have the 42kmi hd gamegrabber setup fine already. Included with the 42kmi should have been the male to male composite cables (though any RCA cables will do).
Connect one end to the output of the 42kmi and connect the other end to your adapter.

Take your 3.5mm cable and one side into your adapter, and the other side into your PC Mic/Line In jack.

1. Now in OBS MP create a new scene
2. Afterwards for sources, add "Video Capture Device Image
3. Call it 42kmi or something, and hit okay
4. Make sure "42kmi GameGrabber HD" is selected

5. Click on "Activate". If you don't see anything, you must have missed the note above that says you need VivaCaster to select the source. You can click "deactivate", go into VivaCaster and do this, then reclick "activate" Image
6. Close the window

7. To stream audio, in sources add "Audio Input Capture"
8. Call it Line In or something, and hit okay
9. Click on the drop down box and select Line In or Microphone with the sound card you're using for the jack you plugged in.
If you do not see these options, you need to go to control panel -> sound -> playback tab -> right click the devices and enable them Image

10. Uncheck "Use Device Timestamp"
11. Close the window

This will get video and audio to your stream.

If you want to use your headphones, and don't have a mixer/splitter, or just want to listen in on windows stuff as well, you can get windows to do this for you.

12. Search for Sound in windows search, and click on the one under control panel. Alternatively, find Sound under control panel.
13. Click on playback, right click Line In or Microphone, click on properties.
14. Click on the listen tab, check listen to this device, on the dropdown box click on speakers (or whatever you use). You should be able to hear something now

Here's a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-tJaolLHhM

Twinniss, proud to be a member of 42Kmi since Jun 2013.

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