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Help Get 42Kmi on Walmart Shelves!

07-29-2013, 06:18 PM (This post was last modified: 08-06-2013 08:54 AM by Torengo.)
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Help Get 42Kmi on Walmart Shelves!
***UPDATE***: Voting has begun! Use the links to vote for 42Kmi Products!

42Kmi GameGrabber HD - 42Kmi Core Controller for Wii U - 88-Key Roll-Up Piano

42Kmi needs your help. We are trying to get 3 products sold on Walmart shelves. This could be big for us and for you. Walmart will give us the exposure we need to get more sales, and the greater visibility through Walmart means lower prices for you!

If you aren't familiar with Walmart, it is a large multinational retail store. They offer products for everyone at affordable prices.

Last year, Walmart launched its Get on the Shelf (GOTS) contest for inventors and entrepreneurs. Winners are decided through voting. We entered with the 42Kmi GameGrabber Voice (then called 42Kmi GameGrabber). Some people saw our entry and liked what they saw, but not enough people saw it to be beneficial to 42Kmi. We've returned this year more determined than ever before and with several aces up our sleeves!

This year, we are entering 3 products in the contest:
  • The 42Kmi GameGrabber HD: The best video capture on the market with the best price, until we make a better one!
  • The 42Kmi Core Controller for Wii U: The only controller you need for optimal core performance for titles like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Mario Kart 8.
  • 88-Key Roll-Up Piano: A fully portable, full 88-key piano. It host many features found on solid keyboard pianos, such as different instrument samples, various song styles, and more.

These products are our entrants, but there is more to what you just read.

Last year we failed to provide a good video that offered a thorough explanation of our product or a decent demonstration. It was about one minute long and, honestly, it sucked. This year is different.

Our product videos provide clear, concise explanations of our products and raises points of interest, intrigue, and reasons to purchase. The 88-Key Roll-Up Piano video features a demonstration of the piano with a pianist expertly playing a nice song.

Included in the videos are annotated links to visit, support 42Kmi through t-shirt purchases in our Swag Shop, and most importantly, links to direct all views to the product voting page. The additions are most important because we've seen the exposure this GotS contest gives videos, and, as witnessed on our previous YouTube page before it was shut down, YouTube videos are shared everywhere! You may not comprehend the extent of this video sharing, but some people build sites to re-host YouTube videos by embedding the videos. This retains all the original attributes of the YouTube video and increases the exposure of our videos.

Each video also features links for viewers to purchase directly from the product's page in the 42Kmi Store. We are hope for the best case scenario where viewers will both vote for the product and purchase it in the 42Kmi Store. After all, we have the best quality and better prices than any competing product.

Thanks for reading thus far. I want to tell you now how you can help!

  1. Vote. Voting is key. Cast your vote for all of our products.
  2. Vote everyday. You can only vote once per day per product. So vote everyday.
  3. Share with friends! After voting, you can optionally share the voting page to different social media outlets. We are pleading that you make this a mandatory thing for yourself. Share it everywhere!
  4. Share the videos! We know some of you are active in other forums and social media sites. Our success depends not only on our effort but your efforts too. Remember, you also benefit from a 42Kmi win, and we want to benefit you too. As previously stated

Please vote for us, and share our video in high-traffic areas of the internet where virality is only a click away!


42Kmi Get on the Shelf Playlist:

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