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All to HDMI Converter

12-10-2013, 10:05 PM
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All to HDMI Converter
I'd like to reintroduce the All to HDMI Converter (A2HD).

[Image: 2-500x500.jpg]

It's been in the 42Kmi Store for some time, but we're making a real push to get everyone familiar with it. Modernize all of your classic, retro, and older audio-video devices with the All to HDMI Converter!

A2HD is definitely the best video upscaler available at an even better price! A2HD supports composite, component, VGA plus audio, and HDMI sources, and can transform any monitor into a media powerhouse. Combine the All to HDMI converter with the 42Kmi GameGrabber HD and the 42Kmi Personal Gaming Display and you'll have a personal broadcasting setup that supports the newest games and HDMI sources as well as all of the retro devices of yesteryear.

Here is a slideshow to compare the resolutions. The images are in triples (480i, 720p, and 1080p).

You can download the zip of the resolution sample images here.

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