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42Kmi Tournament Prize/Entry Calculator!

11-11-2015, 07:12 PM
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42Kmi Tournament Prize/Entry Calculator!
We recently soft-released a webapp to help anyone looking to setup/establish fair-priced buy-in tournaments. This is the official announcement for that webapp!

The 42Kmi Tournament Prize/Entry Calculator does just that! Our app allows anyone to charge fair prices for tournament or event admission. It also estimates the expected profit yield!

[Image: hRHaGLK.png]
(42Kmi Tournament Prize/Entry Calculator, as viewed on mobile devices)

"Prize value" is where the sum of the values of the offered prizes are entered.

"Other fees" is for additional costs, like shipping, event venue rental, catering, etc.

"Number of entrants" is for the anticipated number of attendees/participants of your event.

"Percentage (in integer)" is the percent needed for "event viability." Enter a number 1 through 100. This is the percentage of entrants needed to break even on costs.

"Participation cost raw" gives the fair cost for entry, rounded to the next hundredth decimal.

"Rounded up cost" is the "Participation cost raw" rounded to the next whole currency value.

"Max yield raw" is the amount expected to be taken in when the number of entrants entered is met.

"Profit raw" is the expected profit from the Max yield raw after the prize values and other fees are accounted for.

"Max yield rounded" and "Profit rounded" are similar to their "raw" counterparts, but calculated from the "Rounded up cost," giving nice even values.

Please try it out! Let us know if you used our webapp in planning any events!

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